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Its All Organic & Natural Here. The Amsterdam Smokey coffee shop is linked to the attached Club Smokey, a popular nightspot with students and lovers of Top 40 tunes on Amsterdam.

Smokey Coffeeshop in Amsterdam
The Amsterdam Smokey café is connected to the joined Club Smokey, a famous nightspot with understudies and admirers of Top 40 tunes on Amsterdam Rembrandtplein. It is one of the more touristy Amsterdam cafés, with few local people or expats saw as inside; other than those wearing the fairly bringing Smokey staff shirts.

Coffeeshop Smokey Entry. As you would anticipate from an Amsterdam café situated on a bustling square and show to similar individuals as the club nearby, Coffeeshop Smokey is a smidgen more careful contrasted and some more personal bistros tracked down in the city. Staff individuals are absolutely pleasant and accommodating, however hope to have your pack looked through on section and make certain to bring ID.
The inside of the café is bigger than most, a huge neon-lit space with something like three pool tables toward the back. Music is swarm satisfying, with none of the beating techno found somewhere else.

Inside Smokeys. Unfortunately for some, and unexpectedly given the name, the inside of Amsterdam Smokey a tobacco free zone. Those hoping to appreciate tobacco should depend on the somewhat little patio in front and, while this has a brilliant perspective on Rembrandtplein, it likewise will in general top off rapidly; show up before the expected time to get a spot. The café menu begins from about EUR 10 and climbs to considerably more costly strains. In a smart idea, the menu here is really a glass sheet with the items and costs beneath so you can get a gander at what you are purchasing.

You can partake in a few delectable new squeezes and exceptional Maryjane teas while playing pool.

As the Smokey club is simply nearby, don’t be amazed on the off chance that you are approached to open your packs and handbags prior to going into the Café Smokey.

Amsterdam Smokey couldn’t be simpler to find. Anyone remaining on Rembrandtplein makes certain to see the monster neon letters publicizing both the bistro and the dance club. To get to Coffeeshop Smokey from Focal Station, just take cable car 9 to the Rembrandtplein stop. The bistro’s sign ought to be promptly noticeable on leaving the cable car.

Opening times:
Day to day: 10:00-01:00

Smokey Coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Rembrandtplein 24
1017 CV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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