Wedding Gelato Cannabis Cookies


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Ingredients of Wedding Gelato Cannabis Cookies

The Weeding Gelato strain, whose terpenes are infused into the cookies, is a triple cross between Wedding Cake, Gelato and Gelato 33, creating the perfect hybrid for those looking to experience both Indica effects as well as Sativa highs. It has THC levels measuring around 25% with an impressive 60% Indica, making this cannabis plant quite potent. It results in some pretty intense head high accompanied by body relaxation, making you feel happy all over.

Furthermore, the bakers choose quality natural ingredients. They use chocolate, sugar, vanilla powder and eggs enriched with the terpenes from the beautiful Wedding Gelato cannabis flowers.

Benefits and Taste of Wedding Gelato Cannabis Cookies

These delicious cookies are perfect for those who love the taste of cannabis but wish to avoid getting high. The terpenes present in these edibles will give you calmness and relaxation without losing your mind while ensuring that feeling like having an old fashioned night on the town isn’t out of reach either! The high amounts of Myrcene, Limonene and Linalool ensure the effects are maintained without intoxicating you.

Usage and Storage of Wedding Gelato Cannabis Cookies

Do you want a cookie? Well, with the Wedding Gelato Cannabis Cookies, there is no more sneaking them into work with you. They’re legal, and it’s all good as longs as those snacks do not contain THC – which can make someone high! You could eat one before driving, or if not well wrapped to maintain freshness.
You may utilize these at any time of day for light duties like picking up groceries from your car. Order your cookies today and enjoy the mild effects of Wedding Gelato Cannabis Cookies.