Rainbow Sherbet


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Muhamed’s vaporizer is available for purchase. Rainbow Sherbet is a deliciously balanced hybrid (50 percent indica, 50 percent sativa) strain created by crossing the delectable Champagne and Blackberry strains. Rainbow Sherbet is the strain for you if you want a delicious tasting bud with well-balanced effects. This bud has a sweet, juicy berry flavor with a sugary exhale and a hint of fresh mint. https://swiftycookies.com/product/pinaple-express/ The scent is earthy and tangy, with a sweet berry overtone and fresh mint accents. Muhamed’s vaporizer is available for purchase online. With a sudden rush of cerebral energy, the Sherbet high hits you almost instantly after your first breath.

About Rainbow Sherbet
From our Exotic’s product line, whether you call it sherbert, you’re right! (We asked the dictionary people). Despite its noncommittal spelling and pronunciation, rainbow sherbet is consistently committed to providing fruity, cool, sweet refreshment to all its partakers. Now in terpene form, rainbow never disappoints.

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