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Minimum Order: 20 Rolls= 200

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What is an Indica Pre-Roll?

An Indica pre-roll is a joint already rolled for you and filled with an Indica cannabis strain. In this case, Gold Coast is secretive about the exact strain that it uses to fill its joints. All we know is that these pre-rolls are of exceptionally high quality. They are incredibly potent and popular among everyone in California, whether they are using it medicinally or recreationally. You get .8 grams of the very best.

Effects are immediate. This knockout strain can cause couchlock and extreme sedation in high doses. For this reason, most prefer to use it in the evening and not during the day. A happy, contented Indica, it will calm and relax you in seconds, leaving you free of any stresses and worries. It banishes the blues, and it will give you extreme “munchies.” It may be wise to prepare some healthy snacks beforehand.

Patients love these Indica pre-rolls for a variety of reasons. They use it to help them sleep and eat, making it ideal for treating disorders such as anorexia, even the side effects of cancer and other treatments. It kills pain, removes inflammation, increases appetite, improves mood, banishes headaches, relieves gastrointestinal issues, relaxes muscles, and even reduces seizures.

Because of its delightfully potent and sleepy effects, not only medical patients buy these pre-rolls. They are also popular among recreational users, who benefit just as much from smoking them.